Auto Air Conditioning

Auto Air Conditioning — Mechanical Repair in Noosaville, QLD

Auto Air Conditioning

At Noosa Pit Stop in Noosaville, we provide air conditioning inspections, repairs, re-gassing, and installations. We offer quality services at competitive prices and we service all makes and models of cars and trucks.

We’re compliant with all code practices of the Australian Refrigeration Council (ARC), meeting or exceeding the requirements. Environmentally conscious, we use only ozone friendly refrigerants and high quality Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) components.
Studies estimate that the average air con system loses 10% - 15% of its efficiency each year. We recommend routine servicing for your auto air conditioning system to ensure it continues to function at an optimum level.
At Noosa Pit Stop our standard air conditioning service includes:
  • Checking static & operating pressures
  • Checking compressor clutch operation
  • Checking in-car operation temperature
  • Inspection of condenser, pipes & hoses
  • Electrical detector checks for system leaks
  • Re-gassing as needed
  • Changing the filter drier
  • Topping up AC system oil
  • Visual inspection of belt drive
  • Checking vent & fan operation
We add UV dye to all systems that we re-gas. This dye remains in the system for life and makes future leaks much easier to detect. Every vehicle receives a comprehensive inspection and pressure check diagnosis. We report any leaks or other concerns, along with offering cost effective solutions.

Mobile air conditioning services

At Noosa Pit Stop we provide cost effective and reliable mobile air con re-gassing and repairs. We can arrange to do the re-gassing and repairs onsite at your home or work place for your convenience. Our mobile service vans are stocked with all required components, refrigerants, equipment and tools to ensure quality services can be carried out onsite for all types of cars and trucks.

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